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  Welcome to LovezPoems.com ~ where you'll find the best love poems online!

If you are searching for love poems and poetry, you have come to the right place. We have an impressive large collection of love poems and poetry and also a very attractive
poetry contest. We review poems and poetry submitted to us at the end of every month, and if we do not have your love poems, we would post it here on this site. From there, we would choose the Best 3 Poems of the month to represent our Poetry Collection by having their poetry posted here, at the homepage for 1 full month.

"The Poet Of The Month" section is to let our site visitors know our Featured Great Poet Of That Month.

We also have a "Top 10 Poems Till Date List" which is decided by the visitor votes. The Top 10 Poems list is never fixed. As long as a new poem got more votes than the current Top 10 Poems, it shall replaced the poem with the least votes to stand on our Top 10 list. So hurry, submit your great poem now and get it up on our Top 10 chart!

You will be happy to know that this site focuses on love poems that are positive, romantic, and easy to understand.


The Best Love Poems Of The Month

Do you have some romantic love poems or poetry that you would like to share? If so, please enter our free love poetry contest.

(Beautiful Love Poems)
Remember Before

by Kevin M. Bass

Today is the day
That I give you this letter
To let you know baby
You make me better
A better man
A better friend
Better to guard you
And always defend

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(Fall In Love Poems)
The One

by Kevin M. Bass

Theres so many ways
To show you how i feel
And to express to you baby
That my love for you is real
Ill try every way
And ill always stay true
Becuz without you in my life
I dont know what i would do

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(I Love You Poems)
This Time
by Alex

This Time Last Year
I Didn’t Know You Alex
But I Could Feel Your Energy Through Me
This Time Next Year
I Want You In My Life Forever Alex
Never Ever Letting Us Go

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Poetry Showcase

Poet Of The Month:
Kevin M. Bass

Top 10 Poems Till Date!

1. Come With Me 6. When Graduation Comes
2. A Perfect Mother 7. I Would Give All I Have
3. Valentine's Day 8. Remember Before
4. Alone Again 9. The End
5. On Our Wedding Day


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